When you have a clothing brand you get certain privileges . Last night Sparce was happy to take advantage of this as Fibbers was 1 in and 1 out all night. We got in( we got right in along with Mclovin and Seth that is). The place had a good vibe and the women were definitely feeling Sparce. It has received a good reception around the area and we are glad people are enjoying what we are putting out there. We ran into Dj P Funk and Battle at Fibbers. We also chilled with our girl Corrie Loftin (http://www.modelcorrieelizabeth.com/from Paris Hilton’s BFF show. She hasn’t let fame get to her head and she’ll always be apart of the Sparce family.

we may need to do some ladies limited edition tees


Our boy darren constant supporter since day 1. big ups D


Twitter has officially taken over , P funk letting people know where its jumpin


Our home girl Corrie


Hey the women love Sparce, what can we say



One response

  1. Bechir ben mohamed

    I love you Corrie loftin you are a beautiful girl you are very nice you are the best ever in the world I would like to merry with you please contct me

    February 17, 2010 at 5:26 am

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