Sorry been out of town for a while. Crazy flight schedule to China( missed my flight and got stuck in LA for two days, no bags either).  It worked out however as i was able to visit a favorite new store of mine…Mister Freedom. I had never been to LA and so this was a great experience to visit some of the great talents and artist in the fashion industry. Mister Freedom is a purist store. Basically they are true to the old school aesthetic of clothing, attention to detail and quality. The store is a fashion designers dream to visit. There is no signage on the outside only a big red painted wall for identification. You walk in to what seems like an old vintage thrift store look with shirts and nostalgic pieces hanging from the ceiling. Vintage varsity jackets, old worn in denim, and custom made surplus jackets designed by the french designer/owner Christophe Loiron. On a desk in the middle of the store is a book of drawings and information on the current season’s designs. Hand drawn with meticulous detail it really showed the knowledge of clothing and the passion for design. If you are ever out that way make it a point to drop in. The staff is extremely knowledgeable and helpful.

via Mister Freedom

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