Its been a crazy past week. I ‘ve been in Las Vegas attending the Magic Tradeshow. I was shocked to see Manny Pac there along with Desean Jackson from the Philadelphia Eagles. The show itself is definitely not what it used to be but things change. Some of the upcoming brands i saw their were located in the Project section of the show. Cult of Individuality was a big draw in the denim market as they have really committed themselves to quality fabric and washes. I had the pleasure of meeting Ryan and Annette from Homage and even picked up a few t shirts from them in the process. It was a weird encounter as we happened to be in the same limo driving to the sourcing show at another convention center. Their brand designs t shirts based off collegiate teams and nostalgic moments in sports history. They are based out of Columbus Ohio and really have something with their brand. Strivers Row had a big buzz at the show as well. The brand is designed by Jason Geter and Emmet Harrell, focusing on vintage apparel including, duffle bags, camo fabrications and hand treated denim. I didn’t bring a camera to the show(they get sketched out by this somtimes) but take my word for it, it was great. Now time to get over this flu. Told you it was hectic week.

cult of individuality


strivers row


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