Shoulder bag made of canvas and leather . Its a nice utilitarian look complimented by the old school duffel bag print. You can find it a Union on line or if you happen to be in LA stop by their shop.

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I need this ! yes i m a full grown boy. so what! $15-40 will get me this water blaster from heaven! Xploderz water pellet guns come in 3 different sizes and you grow the pellets in water…in other words it soaks up the water. Summer is here and make sure you have the coolest accessories.





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I still haven’t hit the lets sit front row at the fashion show so the need for cufflinks has escaped me. I would however consider planning ahead and Gothamsmith might be my go to shop. They have a nice selection of interesting conversational links. Check them out when you get a minute.

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The accessory market is a big deal in fashion. Chains,wallets, rings, anything that completes the look. I came across Good Wood. They are a popular jewelry company that creates designs from pieces of wood. They lazer etch the design on to the wood an paint it. Its prety impressive to see the designs they come up with and are able to etch into the wood. Its a cool alternative to the expensive cliche jewelry in the market. Check them out.


INCASE – Mac Book

Everything is talking about the Mac Book so i felt i’d show you how to protect it. The always popular Incase has designed a perforated hard shell in matte black that will run you about $60 but keeps you looking sleek and your laptop safe. Pick one up at the Mac Store.




An essential fabric to every man’s closet , camo was executed  on the Jon Bag from the Hundreds for their spring 2011 collection. It definitely is a trending piece for their customer and market. I personally like the camo bag with the basic essentials…no frills. If you are like me you might want to check your local army surplus store where you will find a ton of items to which brands like  the Hundreds go for some of their inspiration pieces i m sure. 

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I hadn’t heard of the brand and haven’t checked the price. The white canvas with tan trim caught my eye however so decided to post it. I’ve been meaning to upgrade my duffle bag( i don’t do suitcases or roller luggage) but still haven’t found the right one. This one might be it. we’ll see.

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