Curt Chair

It looks pretty cool, but you’ll always need a wall. Hey sometimes form is better than function. Diggin.




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I relate everything to sports, i’m a basketball fan so deal with it. In this scenario Olivier Routseing could be Derrick Rose , Christophe Decarnin was Michael Jordan and Balmain is the Chicago Bulls. Decarnin kept winning championships for six years but “creative” differences led to his departure, sound familiar now. The question  is whether Olivier can legitimately be Balmain’s savior. The brand has been a celebrity favorite for numerous years and rocking the boat in a situation like this is unsettling. Let’s hope that the reign is not over.


Edible Candy Pen

Dave Hakkens is on to something with his Edible Candy Pens.  Made with 22 pieces of candy and edible ink, gives a whole new meaning to chewing on your pen.  Just don’t eat the part that you write with.

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Tiny AK-47

I’m undecided on my feelings about guns , the real ones at least. The AK around your neck for jewelry  however is pretty cool. The gun is based off a Russian machine gun and is designed by Complete Technique. It comes with a free real version for 340 bucks…just kidding…about the real gun, the price is official.


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All my photog fam can get behind this. The camera lens mug. It comes in two lenses Nikon and Cannon.




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Ping Pong Ball Apartment

Designed by Snarkitecture, this tiny loft was created using 25,000 ping pongs.  Good thing its only used for sleeping and changing clothes.  Anything more might be problematic, nevertheless pretty innovative.

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Loyal Loot must have gotten a kick out of the Geico woodchuck commercial. They definitely need their wood in order to make these creative wood bowls. Each bowl is made to be different. Assorted paint colors adorn the inside of the bowl and the wood is kept in the same untreated quality in which it was found. The wood used is from trees that have already fallen down or been destroyed by the laws of nature. Priced at 68-138…get some wood.





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