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2 in 1 FIRE PIT

The Funston Fire Pit operates as a ice tray and fire pit. The pit can hold 2 cases of beer with ice on one side and when you want it can filp it over and become a fire pit for you and your guest when it gets a little chilly. It has a nice industrial feel to it and works well with most set ups in your back yard. It is also pretty easy to transport. It isn’t cheap , at 900 bones it will definitely set you back a little so make sure to get some extensive use out of it.



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We all have this friend….if your in college you may have a few of them. They drink like its a championship on the line. Well in honor labor day and their beer obsession, present them with the Hops Holster. 12 beer holders on the over the shoulder straps allow easy access while being mobile. Its over the top but at the same time its a sight to see and your friend will be greatly appreciative.

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WOW! This is dope. Nike decided to speak to the community of beer drinking college students and frugal party goers. They have teamed up with the beer brand Tecate. I think this is really cool. The Tecate is great with lime by the way….lol. Sparce Approves.

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