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Louis Vuitton Utah Tattoo

Designed by Louis Vuitton and tattoo artist Scott Campbell.

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The collab between Louis and Infiniti is pretty dope. Infiniti has positioned itself next to the big boys of the auto industry and this collab with LV only enhances their visibility. The Essence Concept from Infiniti garnered  wide spread adulation and so they asked LV to design a carrying case for the miniature sculpture version. The Daimer design was used for the case and retails for $300, as of now only one has been made. The sculpture however is a collector’s item with 300 being made.




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My Monogram

For a limited time you can have Louis Vuitton customized with your very own monogram and colors.  With their latest, My Monogram, the iconic  bags are  designed with you in mind.  Nothing says its my LV, like having your very own initials stitched on your bag.

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Apparently this will be the bag to look out for this Spring from Louis Vuitton. The Fox Tail Messenger bag still has the monogram logo on it as well as a dyed fox tail to complete the look. Pricing for it will be in the thousands so start saving.



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Bosphore backpack for the person who is into luxury or addicted to Vuitton. This is one of the brands most popular bookbags for celebs and will cost 1400. It has the signature monogram logos along with zippers, straps. The bag is made from canvas for durability.

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Relevation Bag

The Louis Vuitton Revelation Bag is everything you want in travel bag.  Priced at $4,040, the Revelation Bag, it has the  raised LV trademark monogram all over its black tonal body.  Plain and simple, LV Revelation Bag is dope! It will be part of Louis Fall/Winter Accessory selection.

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So all you ladies addicted to Louis, and all you dudes trying to copy Kanye’s swag might want to try and get at this book. It is a book of art and essays by Louis with an exclusive edition designed by  Takashi Murakami being sold beginning Sept. 1 in Vuitton stores and on their  website. The book will have illustrations and comments with some of the most influential designers that Louis’ has come in contact with.


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