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Shoulder bag made of canvas and leather . Its a nice utilitarian look complimented by the old school duffel bag print. You can find it a Union on line or if you happen to be in LA stop by their shop.

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I hadn’t heard of the brand and haven’t checked the price. The white canvas with tan trim caught my eye however so decided to post it. I’ve been meaning to upgrade my duffle bag( i don’t do suitcases or roller luggage) but still haven’t found the right one. This one might be it. we’ll see.

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Now you always have a place to sit when you are waiting for your flight at the airport.


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Swiss Army Officer’s Trunk

I don’t know about you, but I am tired of having my luggage looking like its been kicked, dropped, and dragged across the runway.  Your worries are over thanks to Swiss Army and their new Officer’s Trunk luggage set.  It’s hardshell exterior is heavy duty and durable to withstand the most vigorous TSA inspection.  Available in red and black, and price starting at $450 and up.

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