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Curt Chair

It looks pretty cool, but you’ll always need a wall. Hey sometimes form is better than function. Diggin.




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2 in 1 FIRE PIT

The Funston Fire Pit operates as a ice tray and fire pit. The pit can hold 2 cases of beer with ice on one side and when you want it can filp it over and become a fire pit for you and your guest when it gets a little chilly. It has a nice industrial feel to it and works well with most set ups in your back yard. It is also pretty easy to transport. It isn’t cheap , at 900 bones it will definitely set you back a little so make sure to get some extensive use out of it.



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I need this ! yes i m a full grown boy. so what! $15-40 will get me this water blaster from heaven! Xploderz water pellet guns come in 3 different sizes and you grow the pellets in water…in other words it soaks up the water. Summer is here and make sure you have the coolest accessories.





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Distressed, stain treated denim. Contrast textures and types of fabrics combined for their buttoned down shirts utilizing seersucker and camo looks. Prps is a more fashion functional driven line. It is not for everyone because their pieces do tend to stick out when worn together or separate. Their denim is always great but I see people and sometimes they are buying it because its expensive and the name but don’t really know how to actually wear it. Is very easy to look sloppy in Prps if you don’t know how to dress it up or down. See their Summer 2011 collection below.


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Wave Hammock

The summer is in full gear and after the beach some want to chill outside with the breeze and nature. The wave hammock will have you hanging out in style. It will cost you about 900 bucks but style isn’t cheap!
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Pretty impressive dress. The price is quite impressive as well. 1590. They woman who rocks this is definitely turning a few heads. The airbrush dress made of ribbed jersey is available at Shopbop.com

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