This car concept is nutz! It will be in the Mad Max 4 movie . Known as the XB Falcon GT351 in its normal non KIT transforming stage. The car may upstage the other beauties in the movie Charlize Theron and Teresa Palmer.




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EAST COAST! I bet you could use this handy scraper right about now.

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I was surprised by the price of 40,ooo for this off road and rugged Land Rover. You have only 2 color options of silver and green but  that’s the least of you worries. You have to find a way to get one… not sold stateside. GOODLUCK!


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The collab between Louis and Infiniti is pretty dope. Infiniti has positioned itself next to the big boys of the auto industry and this collab with LV only enhances their visibility. The Essence Concept from Infiniti garnered  wide spread adulation and so they asked LV to design a carrying case for the miniature sculpture version. The Daimer design was used for the case and retails for $300, as of now only one has been made. The sculpture however is a collector’s item with 300 being made.




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Forget these pre-madonna trucks and suvs. Give me this 59 Land Rover. Old school ruggedness with new school swag. It looks like it can take a beaten and also get you the lady. Known as the II Series Model. It’ ll only set you back 82,000.


Maybach 57 s Coupe

hello beautiful.

Playsam Saab

Ulf Hanses  created this kid friendly but adult collectible based off an Saab Roadster prototype 92001. Classic-Futuristic is how i describe it as the original source of inspiration seems to be leading the eye more to the future then dwelling in the present. Sparce Approves